There is no reason to rely on the beer or wine alone this year. If you are hosting a party or even bringing a fun cocktail recipe to another event, it’s time for fun, festive drinks that are still made from all traditional types of hard liquor. Some options include Christmosas and Jingle Juice, with many others including vodka, rum, or tequila base. No matter what, there is a drink for you! Whatever your taste, there are holiday punch recipes, and perfect pear cocktails to match.

With tried and true holiday cocktails, you can upgrade from your standard eggnog and mulled wine this season. Use your favorite taste to find the perfect fresh and festive ideas to share with all the members of your holiday parties this year. We can’t expect to have large, crowded parties this year, but these simple holiday-inspired cocktail recipes can spice up any event..

Holiday cocktails are available in all direction, no matter the occasion that your family, friends, colleagues, or other groups are celebrating. Hey, the drinks you share don’t even require alcohol. Holiday punch and others can be just as tasty for the entire family in a non-alcoholic recipe.

Cocktails can go in just about any direction, depending on the occasion, the crowd, or, hell, even just how your day’s been going. So, what are your favorite treats during the holidays? Or even your favorite holiday flavors? Thinking along those lines, you have access to any of a number of different tasty cocktails.

  1. Winter Wonderland
  2. The Fireside Move
  3. Peppermintinis
  4. White Christmas Margaritas

Take a look at these, to work with your taste for peppermint, nut, cinnamon, and any of many others. Sometimes you may love to stick with whisky, gin, vodka or rum for the cocktail you want to make, or even tequila for those traditional margaritas!