The first time most folks lived on their own is when they went off to college. Of course, that really wasn’t the true definition of living on their own. You always had a dormmate and you were sharing common rooms and bathrooms. It is after college when you are presented with the option of moving into your own apartment. Living alone might seem scary at first but there is a lot to embrace about the idea. Consider these thoughts:

You’ll Get to Know Yourself Better

Living alone means you get to work on your relationship with yourself. It might seem obvious but there is a lot to learn from deciding what you’ll have for each meal and what you’re watch on TV without having to put it up for a “vote.” This time is also going to let you develop a stronger sense of self. That can set you up for a stronger relationship down the road because you’ll know what you want to be comfortable.

You’ll Get to Strengthen Your Relationships

This applies to someone who is leaving a relationship to live on their own. During that relationship time, you might have drifted away from friends and even family. That is totally understandable. Now that you’re on your own, you have the chance to reconnect with those people who matter in your life. This can help you prioritize those relationships. That makes you stronger and not dependent on a single person.

You’ll Be Able to Get a Pet

There might have been restrictions on where you lived before you moved out on your own with regard to having a pet. Now, you get to have you own pet provided the apartment will allow it. That pet can become a terrific companion, too!

You’ll Get to Connect with Your Neighborhood

You could do this wherever you live but living on your own gives you more freedom to use your free time to connect with your neighborhood. That might mean volunteering or participating in community events.

You’ll Be Able to Make Your Own Schedule

Living alone means you don’t have to “check in.” Even with a roommate, you might have found yourself scheduling dinners or coordinating work schedules. You’re on your own now so you can make your own schedule even if that includes he occasional late night binge watch.

You’ll Get to Try New Things

When you’re living alone you don’t have to ask “permission” to try a new cuisine or take up a yoga practice. You can take up a hobby or even learn a musical instrument. You should embrace this time to explore different things. You might not like them all but at least you’re making the decisions.