Well, the summer is here upon us. It’s time to start scheduling those traditional events with family and friends. Getting together for the greatest meals, entertainment, and social activity possible.

You all likely have wonderful memories of the BBQs held with your families during childhood. With themes ranging from the perfect meal to the best holiday block party, you can create memories for everyone in your circle.

There are some key tips to plan the perfect BBQ for your group:

  1. Pick a party theme.
  2. Choose a date and location.
  3. Create a guest list and send invitations.
  4. Select your decorations.
  5. Set up a day in advance.

Now, let’s return to step 1. That is the most important to help get everything planned well. So many different themes and ideas help provide the greatest summer memories for all. Starting with the theme, your entire day can be placed in motion, kept active, and end well for everyone involved.

Now, you can easily choose from a list of common BBQ theme ideas that can help fit a wide range of your potential guests. Take a look at some of the following:

● Traditional Country BBQ Party
● Western BBQ Party
● Beer & BBQ Tasting Party
● Outdoor Movie Marathon BBQ
● By the Sea Party
● S’mores Camping Party
● Lawn Games BBQ Party
● Farm to Table Spread
● Twine and Twigs Party
● Old Time Soda Fountain Party

It’s an amazing opportunity to bring everyone together for outdoor, tasty fun like this, especially after we have all been so restricted in our interactions for over a year now. With summer birthdays on so many of your schedules, as well as holidays like 4th of July and Labor Day, there is so much to enjoy with delightfully themed BBQ parties like these. So, spend a little time planning one out and get your entire gang together this summer!