Many people today find themselves overly stimulated, highly stressed, and unable to concentrate during the day and sleep at night, so many beverage brands are launching functional drinks for stress that help to address these issues and others that trouble the modern consumer. Under this need, the market for relaxation or destress beverages has increased greatly over the past few years.

For the health-conscious consumer who is looking for convenient support, brands are sharing natural solutions that are packaged in the form of ready-to-drink shots and bottles. Natural herbs, adaptogens and CBD are commonly included ingredients in these formulas, as they offer a range of benefits for both the mind and body. Stress-busting beverages that are made with adaptogens, which help to rebalance the body with opposing healing properties, can be simultaneously calming, energizing and all the more appealing to busy people who are looking for added support throughout the day.

Some of the larger companies that have either developed or invested in destress drinks include essential oil teas made by Lipton, Coca-Cola and the Endian beverage company, and the Marley Beverage Company’s zero-calorie Mellow Mood Relaxation drink.

Additional companies that have developed destress beverages include:
● Tranquila
● Kalm with Kava
● iChill Beverages, Inc.
● Purple Stuff
● Bimble Beverages
● Jus by Julie
● Boisson Slow Cow, Inc.
● Phi Drinks, Inc.
● D-Stress

Manufacturers around the globe are focusing to provide unique and innovative packaging to relaxation drinks for attracting new customers. Manufacturers decide packaging according to the nature of the products. For instance, a brand of relaxation drink Slow is packed in an hourglass-shaped bottle that suggests its customers, to take time and relax. Thereby, makes the drink ideal to enjoy at the end of a long and busy day and increase the demand for such products.