You may think that the only way to add space to your home is to build additions, but there is much to do inside your home as it is that can add space. You don’t have to remodel to help increase the amount of space you have as a vision for all your visitors or the storage space that you need for everyday functionality.

Minor Updates Can Improve the Appearance of Space

Open up entryways within all rooms that access the outside. Some of these may include replacing solid wood doors with some that include more windows. Also, keep the curtains open on the sunny days where the light can come in naturally and keep the room looking open and more expansive.

Knowing the amount of light that can come into the room, there is much to consider about wallpaper or paint in those same rooms. Wallpaper or paint in certain rooms can help them feel taller and more spacious. Some of these may be lighter colors to add light while other darker colors may add a certain shade.

Think of Feng Shui

Add the right balance of furniture and reorganize furniture in all of your rooms. So, this may not be exactly “Feng Shui,” but the idea is similar. A storage or open ottoman in the living room or family room can stash certain pieces away that may otherwise sit on tables and out in the middle of a room. No matter what, it’s all about organization and what the room looks like!

Get Creative with What You’ve Already Got

Install or build more storage. Using closets or making storage areas for these things work to hide extra clothing or other clutter that lays around any home. The best things to make are storage cabinets that can help keep all of your items like books, movies, dishes, wine, and other clutter organized throughout every inch of your home. This allows for plenty of extra open space in every room.

With all of this you have the option to change the purpose of rooms, like a large closet can be used as a small office. In very much the same way, you can also use some rooms for multiple purposes. For example, you may have a spare room that isn’t used very often, and it could become your part-time office as well. Or it may even be a storage space for some of those extra clothes, clutter, and other items that were taking up so much space around the house!