Do you feel happy? That is a loaded question and the reply can vary depending on the time of day it is asked. Being Happy is a state of mind which means we have control over whether or not we can be happy and remain that way. The focus is always “how to get through the day” and that can have different meanings for different people. The quest for happiness can be found through various acts that are small and simple.

Adding the following actions into your everyday routine will help you find happiness:

Make Notes of Why You are Grateful Each Day

Many people use a journal as a form of therapy. A journal can help release some issues and process others. You do not need to journal to be happy but consider writing down one reason each day of what you are grateful for. Write it on a Post-It note and put it up by your computer at work of by the mirror in your bathroom. You should be able to find one thing each day that makes you smile even if it is the same thing!

Go Outdoors for Some Fresh Air

Human beings need sunshine which does provide a boost of Vitamin D. This can be why people are so moody during the winter. You really owe it to yourself to go outdoors and get some fresh air. That is also true even when it is cold outside. Go outside and take in some deep breaths and smile. Make this action part of your new everyday approach.

Do Not Hold Grudges

How many grudges are you holding onto at this moment in time? It may be time to let it go whether it’s a friend, neighbor, or coworker that has done wrong by you. Holding a grudge is not helping you one bit. You don’t need to let the other person know you are forgiving them because they might not change. Let it go in your mind and be done with it. That will help make you happy.

Contact a Loved One Each Day

Thanks to social media, it is very simple to find out what is going on among your friends and family. Those random posts about what someone is having for lunch may not tell the full story. It can be nice to check in with someone you love each day. Obviously, it does not need to be the same person but making a quick phone call or sending a text message would make them feel happy and you as well.

Have a Healthy Nutritious Breakfast

How you begin each day sets the tone for that day. You need to get into a habit of preparing yourself a healthy breakfast every morning. This may require waking up a little earlier each day but those extra thirty minutes of enjoying a nutritious breakfast can really make a difference for the rest of your day.