Each year, the big tech companies gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. CES is where you can get a glimpse of all the cool tech gadgets that could make their way to your home. Of course, some of these gadgets are just for flash and never “leave” Las Vegas. As for the others…

Here’s what might be coming down the pike:

Wall MicroLED TV

One of the highlights of every CES is to see just how big the TVs can get. For 2020, Samsung claims that the title hands down with its Wall MicroLED television. Why is it called the Wall? Because it needs a wall. This set measures at 292 inches. Before you break out the calculators, that is over 24 feet of a TV screen. This takes the concept of “home theater” to a whole other level. In case you don’t have that much wall space, Samsung also has 88, 93, 110 and 150-inch sizes of their MicroLED.

Foldable Phone

Did you own a flip cell phone? Actually, most of the early cell phones were of the flip variety. When Smartphones came along, there was no need for a flip. What about a fold? TCL has presented a foldable 5G phone. When opened, it becomes a 7.2-inch display that runs on Android OS. It has four cameras including a super-wide-angle. This is only a prototype but it is very close to a pad and phone mashup.

Charmin Rollbot

We’ve all been there; that moment when you realize you are out of toilet paper at the most inconvenient of times. That won’t be a problem if you have the Charmin Rollbot. This is a self-balancing robot that connects with your phone and allows you to summon a roll of toilet paper to be delivered right to the bathroom. This is one of those classic “do we really need this gadget” that everyone will get.

Robot Puppy

Having a puppy can provide a sense of calm for emotional support. That is until you have to clean up after the puppy, take it for a walk, keep it fed and make sure it is up to date on its shots. None of that will be an issue with Jennie. This is a small golden Labrador robotic puppy that is extremely realistic. There are multiple sensors on the gadget that all respond to your touch with a tilt of the head or a wag of the tail. Jennie even calms down and drifts off the sleep. It is an emotional support pet without pet problems.
A lot of advances but we’re still waiting on the robot butler!