So, you likely have those occasional nights where you order one too many drinks before heading home. We all think at some point or another, “Ah, one more won’t be any big deal!” And sure enough you feel it the next morning.

And what are some of those most common hangover preventions and cures from around the world? Take a look at some of these interesting options! Certainly, not many of them would be much of an option here in the U.S., but it’s interesting to consider.

PUERTO RICO: LEMON UNDER THE PIT includes rubbing a slice of lemon under the armpit of your drinking arm before you start, a legend of dehydration prevention eliminating headaches.

RUSSIA: PICKLE JUICE has long been a favorite remedy in this country, spreading globally. It will replenish your electrolytes!

DENMARK: REPARATIONSBAJER or a “recovery beer” that can provide some immediate recovery.

JAPAN: UMEBOSHI are tiny mega-pickled plum-like fruits, a respected hangover quick fix in Japan. Even sourer than even a lemon, they can be hard to handle, but their high level of salt replenishes electrolytes.

USA: PRAIRIE OYSTER contains one raw egg, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. It cures hangovers by immediately expelling any alcohol contents left in your stomach.

AUSTRALIA: BEROCCA, an Australian miracle pill. A small tablet is to be mixed with water, and contains Berocca Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Guarana, Caffeine, and Vitamin B.

ITALY: ESPRESSO is simpler and classier than others. For bad hangovers Italians drink several cups of strong espresso! Heavy doses of caffeine kill the headache.

MONGOLIA: PICKLED SHEEP EYEBALLS in tomato juice, or “Mongolian Mary,” provide the same lycopene benefits of a Bloody Mary.

PERU: LECHE DE TIGRE or “tiger’s milk” is a sauce used as the base of ceviche, including lime juice, onion, chilies, salt, pepper, and juices from the fish it marinates. One shot cures your hangover. But, be careful, it’s also reportedly an aphrodisiac!

GERMANY: KATERFRÜHSTÜCK or the “tomcat’s breakfast” includes marinated herring wrapped around pickle and onion slices, also called rollmops.

SCOTLAND: IM-BRU SODA or “iron brew” soda tastes like orange Tic Tacs and gives you a jolt of caffeine to kick that hangover to the curb.

CHINA: CONGEE CONGEE is a popular rice porridge and comfort food for anyone feeling under the weather. It’s easy to swallow, rehydrates, soothes your stomach all at once.

SOUTH KOREA: HAEJANGGUK or “hangover soup” has various recipes including napa cabbage, soybean paste, and congealed ox blood (blood pudding). You would need to be brave for this one!