Dentists recommend at least two oral exams a year to help keep your teeth in good shape. Those exams can also identify any potential issues and “nip them in the bud.” But what about all the time in between dental visits? Yes, brushing and flossing every day should be a priority. But there are some other natural remedies that can boost the health of your teeth and keep them in great shape. Here are a few to try:

Oil of Oregano

There are some folks who use Oil of Oregano as a natural antiseptic to prevent tooth decay. There is a recent study that found the natural compounds in oregano have strong antimicrobial properties. You can brush with Oil of Oregano to slow the growth of cavities and halt tooth decay from forming in the first place.


Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is often found in toothpaste. Look for it on the label! Xylitol comes from plant fibers. When ingested, it can break down sugar and keep the pH levels in your mouth neutral. It has also been found to prevent bacteria from food from emitting acid that triggers cavities and tooth decay. If you have to chew gum, then try to find gum flavored with Xylitol.

Clove Oil

When the occasional toothache flares up, you might want to use clove oil to alleviate the pain. A cotton swab with two drops of the oil is all you need to apply directly to the achy spot. You can apply it every two to three hours.

Green Tea

Drinking unsweetened green tea can reduce the build-up of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Green tea actually contains a fair amount of naturally occurring fluorine and that acts as a strong decay preventative. Along with drinking green tea, you can also use it as a supplemental mouthwash to achieve the same benefits.

Licorice Root

A good chew of licorice root can slow down tooth decay. Just remember, licorice root is not the same as licorice candy. The candy will actually cause problems! But you’ll enjoy the same taste!