Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

One of the hardest things you may consider when it comes to creating your own COVID-19 mask for safe mobility outside is choosing the material to use. No matter what your options may be, whether you don’t have access to shopping for masks or the ability to sew your own, you will see here that there are plenty of other ways to attach the mask created with a tie to surround your head.

Additionally, there is even more to consider in taking some of your accessories that can be used alone for filtration as well as a mask that you would buy or create yourself!

In-Home Materials for Masks

Materials found at home for a safety mask include some of the most common things you already have around the house. You can start with cut-outs of t-shirts, air filters, vacuum bags, and other soft, filtered materials that are comfortable to breathe through. In order to place the mask around your head, many different elastics or ties from various items like hair ties, rubberbands, strings, or ties can be cut and attached to your mask cut-out.

Put a Mask Together Without Sewing

No-sew designs can be put together with glue or pins, offering a much easier process for those of you who don’t have sewing machines or don’t even know how to sew by hand. With so many different types of pins or glue that can connect the tie and the mask, you have no reason to worry about learning to sew.

Wear Your Own Items as Mask

In-home items that can be used without creating may include something like a bandanna or a scarf that you can wrap around your mouth and nose. These are still comfortable enough to breath through without the need to try and sew a mask or put one together. This can be helpful if you don’t think you would be able to complete any of those crafts, and you can already use these items that match your outfits

These are some of the simplest options that can help you work to prepare for some of the safest travel around your community. Knowing that nationwide recommendations still exist for everyone to wear masks in every public location, it is extremely helpful to take advantage of your materials and wardrobe at home to guarantee clean breathing around others.