Ever thought about the beauty of a poached egg? I know that I never even thought of how much I love them on some of my favorite breakfast dishes. And, yes, how incredibly gorgeous and tasty they are!

Well, there is much more to them. And, believe it or not, there are some easy tips to poaching the perfect eggs right in your kitchen. You receive the healthy benefits, the immaculate taste, and even save an incredible amount of money from eating at the hand of your town’s top chefs. 

If you’ve ever looked at those eggs with whites just firm enough outside to contain an oozy, golden yolk in a round little egg package, you like said to yourself, “There’s NO WAY I could ever make that on my own!” But, with just a few tips, you too can learn how to poach the perfect egg every time!

Since poached eggs are one of the healthiest versions of today’s high-protein dietary craze, many methods have come into question, including vinegar, salt, swirling vortex, and more. But, after research from many cooks, there are do’s and don’ts that you should always consider.

Salt – Adding salt to the water when poaching tends to create more white wispies, and it is determined to be a “don’t.”

Vinegar – Professional cooks have found that adding one tablespoon of a light colored vinegar didn’t flavor the egg but it did help to keep the egg white together, and it could be an optional “do” for a great poached egg.

Swirling a Vortex – This is rumored to be the best cooking method for poached eggs, but if you’re cooking more than one poached egg, don’t sweat it. It’s been determined a “do” for one egg, “but not” for multiple.

Deep Pot of Water – A deeper pot produces a more classical spherical shape in the egg. So, it is a “do” in a pot with at least 4-inches of water.

Ramekin – Another common perception is to crack the egg first into a ramekin, then pour the egg into the water, and many experienced cooks would agree with this as the top option to “do” when poaching your eggs.

Fine Mesh Sieve – Consistently produced the BEST poached egg by adding the egg to a fine mesh sieve/strainer and the thinner, more liquid white is removed, leaving the firm whiteto envelop the yolk.

So, if you love poached eggs, you are lucky to know that there are several options available to cook the perfect, beautiful, and healthy poached egg right there in your own kitchen. And, many of these are quick, easy options, especially if you keep fresh eggs around regularly. So, if you love poached eggs in some of your tasty dishes, you can start cooking them yourself like master chefs!