Well, the new year is here, and it is time to prepare for those goals that can help us prepare for a positive and refreshing time. Every new year we get the chance to turn over a new leaf, even if it may not be a completely fresh start. Especially in a year like the one that 2020 has led us through.

In a time like this it is hard to imagine that the arrival of a new year will magically provide the catalyst, motivation and persistence we need to reinvent ourselves. You do have the option to start a new phase in your life and the time when you must make your all important new year’s resolution.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the year is also one of the worst times to make a major change in your habits because it’s often a relatively stressful time, right in the middle of the party and vacation season. When planning the best ways to reach your goals set for the new year there are some simple steps to take in order to make everything work to put 2021 on a positive turn:

  1. Just pick one thing.
  2. Dream big, but broken down into small steps.
  3. Plan ahead.
  4. Learn from the past.
  5. Anticipate problems.
  6. Commit yourself.
  7. Pick a start date.
  8. Go for it!
  9. Accept failure.
  10. Plan rewards.

Remember that creating new habits takes time and energy. Nothing changes automatically overnight, but you may enjoy some of its benefits fairly quickly. One of the best things is to start working on things like exercising regularly or engage in stress-soothing practices frequently, you’ll find you won’t feel quite right if you stop. That’s a great incentive to continue. So, keep nudging yourself in the direction you’d like to go.