Quitting bad habits means breaking yourself of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and other addictions…right? Well, not always. There are many other bad habits that become a part of our daily routines. Some of these are as simple as activities, foods, and other things that are unhealthy for you in general.

Of course, bad habits that are clearly defined as addiction tend to be the hardest to break yourself of. There are seminars, webinars and other meetings provide specific training. But, how can you do it yourself? Maybe you have been swinging back and forth on quitting smoking for years, though there never really seemed like a good enough reason to do so. Maybe your daily routine is even one that includes unhealthy practices like staying up too late, procrastination, eating too many sweets, watching TV too long, spending too long on the computer or other device, or anything else that may ruin a healthy daily routine.

Some basic steps can help to start the elimination of these bad habits, including the following:

  1. Find a deeper “Why” to make the stop.
  2. Make the commitment to do so.
  3. Take responsibility for your habit, and gain support from others.
  4. Find out what your triggers are and avoid them.
  5. And, find replacements or alternatives to meet the need.

These are the best steps to help get you started on the complete break from your bad habit. Understand that it will take some time, but you have to stand strong. Be sure that you don’t forgive yourself or make exceptions if you slip while trying to quit. Force yourself to work and make sure that your support group does the same. It will be hard, but good luck!