With more sunlight available throughout the summer, there is much to take advantage of for your physical and mental health alike. It’s easy for all of us to think ill of the early sunrise and late sunset, believing that the longer days leave us with fewer hours for sleep, and keeping the potential of the workday longer than the rest of the year.

However, there are many benefits to natural sunlight and what it can do for your overall health. Basically thinking of the fact that there is more sunlight throughout summer days, you have access to natural vitamin D, available time outside for activity and exercise, outdoor meals with family and friends, meeting new and existing friends for some fun activities that take place outdoors, get involved in your own sports leagues or coach the kids, and so much more!

With all of these things on your side, there are several steps to take within each one, livening up your overall daily schedule beyond that weekly work calendar that you keep by your side. Especially with the pandemic slowly slipping its way off of our plate due to the vaccines, there is so much more to head out there and get involved in. Think about some of these:

  1. Grow a Garden
  2. Meet up with Friends for Hiking, Biking, or Other Activities
  3. Have a Grill Out with Your Loved Ones
  4. Go for a Walk with Family, Friends, or the Dog
  5. Have a Lunch or Happy Hour Outdoors with Friends

Taking on all of these and more can help you soak in the sunshine that provides incredible benefits mentally and physically to us all. Considering the increased level of vitamin D taken in from the sun during the day, you can any of the following:

● Better Mood
● Deeper Sleep
● Lower Blood Pressure
● Stronger Bones
● Potential Weight Loss

And with all of these along with increased activity, you can basically bring even more youth back into your life than in those winter days sitting on the couch watching TV! Get out there and make the most of yourself while the extra time and impressive weather allow.