Months into the pandemic, there is so much to consider when it comes to travel. Are you planning on keeping a scheduled trip to another state? To another country? Have you thought about the risks that come with flying during the pandemic?

Which airlines are taking the greatest steps to maintain your health and safety during the pandemic?

It is known that all airlines differ on the safety measures that are needed during the Coronavirus. This is something that has not been mandated by the federal government, so each company has had to think of the best way to maintain sales while helping customers feel safe. For example, Alaska and Delta have made the non-sale of middle seats key to making it safely through the pandemic.

Another ban that appears randomly among some airlines is that of alcoholic beverages. It appears that Delta, American, and Southwest believed this to be a ban that would help passengers keep masks on longer.

Another important issue that shows quite different ranges among all airlines is that of passenger loads on flights. Some reductions are promised to about 50% while others are only a promise to notify passengers of the option to switch a flight if the load goes above 70%. So, this is likely some important research to do before you purchase an airline ticket, especially if you consider yourself at high risk.

Masks are a whole other issue for airlines. Some do require masks and offer masks to their passengers. On the other hand, some airlines, such as JetBlue, Frontier, and Spirit won’t require them at all, leaving the option up to the passengers to bring one and wear it.

Basically, considering the fact that the recommendations provided by the CDC continue on an up and down journey, it is hard to keep up with what the airlines are doing. Many of them have been following the recommendations for face coverings as posed by the CDC during the months of the pandemic, but we can only hope that continued input from science and data will help with the improved safety needed on your flights.