The Coronavirus has been a tarantula in the pants of the American people. But, with all of the time stuck in our homes it has helped increase everyone’s creativity in one way or another. Some of the best ways that you have been able to find hobbies, crafts, activities, and all sorts of fun, include kits you can have sent to your home to both learn and love an expansion of life.

Start with the Traditional Options

First, it is important that there are many more things to do at home than at work and school. And not everything has to be online. Remember the days when you would have a family night where playing games and doing puzzles was the fun thing? Maybe watching a movie together in the living room? Heck, look up a recipe and get everyone in the kitchen together to cook your family dinner if you can’t go out.

Well, luckily, with all of these kits available today, you can order many of these things again if you don’t have them anymore. One of the best maybe some kid-friendly cooking kits available to help teach your little ones how to navigate the kitchen. Before too long even they will be helping to make dinner. Whether you order kits or sign up for online clubs and classes, here are some that you will see:

  1. Raddish
  2. Foodstirs Baker’s Club
  3. Little Sous Kitchen Academy

Another really good one is puzzles! Something you likely haven’t considered in years. If you take a look at Mega Puzzles, 3D puzzles on amazon, you will likely see many amazing puzzles available on this list of kits available for delivery at home. Some of the others include DIY kits teaching you to make your own lip balm ( or hand embroidery kit from Etsy.

Additional Kits and Activities

  1. Sketchbox
  2. DoodleCrate
  3. WeCraftBox
  4. WellInkedBox

Have you ever thought about starting a new journal? It’s likely you haven’t written one since you were a kid and even more likely that you have plenty of time now. You may also want to try out some childhood reminders like an adult coloring book, games with your pets, books of puzzles, digital photo books, and many more! It’s helpful to stay active and not just numbly lay in front of the television all day during these tough times. So, give it a try!