photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Have you ever been on a dream vacation? We all have that one big trip we’d like to take. It could be a cruise or a stay at a tropical resort. Vacations are something we all need to recharge and reinvigorate ourselves. That is why almost every company offers vacations. It is time for you to start saving for that dream vacation. It will help to assess the goals for your trip. You can do some initial research for airfare and accommodations. That will give you a general idea of what you need. Whatever that cost is, add another couple of hundred to give yourself a nice buffer.

Now that you have a vacation goal number in mind, you have something to shoot for. You can set up a separate savings account for this goal. Any time you save money, you should put that in an envelope. At the end of each week, deposit what you saved up. Before you know it, you’ll have your vacation funds ready to act.

Here’s how you can start saving today:

Spend Less on Lunch

If you go out each day to buy a sandwich or salad for lunch, then you could spend anywhere between $15 to $20. If you’re eating at a restaurant, then it might be $25 to $30. Suppose you cut out those bought lunches and bring lunch from home. If you can have leftovers from dinner the night before, then even better. Skipping lunch three times a week could save you $75. Four times nets you $100. Remember, any time you don’t spend money put it into your envelope!

Cut Back on Fancy Coffee

There is nothing wrong with starting your day with coffee or getting that java jolt at mid-morning. But if you’re dropping $5 every time you go out for coffee during the workweek, then you’re spending $50 bucks a week. That’s $200 a month that could go into your vacation fund.

Eat Out Less

Just as you should be eating out less for lunch, you should really be eating out less for dinner. Eating at home will have you making healthier choices. It will also set you up for those leftovers. Any time you can cook dinner and have that twice or three times a week you’re going to be saving. If you cut back on ordering three times a week, then you could save $150 each week. That adds up fast.

Cut Your Bills

It is time for a thorough bill review. That can start with your cable bill. There are some great alternatives to cable TV that can still provide you with a lot of viewing opportunities. Focus on what you enjoy watching and where you’re watching those shows. It might be that you’d get more out of just a few streaming services as opposed to a big cable package full of channels you don’t even watch! You should also be proactive when it comes to your utility bills. Take that “snapshot” of what you’re paying today. Then spend the next billing cycling actively cutting back. Spend less time in the shower. Make sure your laundry is a full load. Turn those lights off when not in use. When the next bills come in, that the savings and put them in your envelope. It all adds up.