So, you likely seem to remember “Taco Tuesday” as being a part of American culture forever. Interestingly enough, it has only been trademarked since 1989, coming from a restaurant named Taco John’s in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Maybe even the phrase “Taco Tuesday” was the Tuesday lunch offered in your elementary school cafeteria. It’s a common happy hour special offered at many local bars and taverns as well! So, no matter what, the verbiage has stuck around for many years, be it the marketing of tacos on a Tuesday or two tacos being offered on a Tuesday, but there is even more to it than this.

You may not love Mexican Food on your family dinner table or for a night out on the town. But, this is likely something that you still constantly hear or read at the school cafeteria, local bar, or food blog providing tips about easy weeknight dinners.

One question. Why Tuesday? Okay, the alliteration of the words is sort of poetic and sounds cute. But, why not “Taco Thursday?” So, the most important thing to think of is from one of the Taco John’s franchises in Minnesota marketing plan back to 1982 as actually being “Taco Twosday.”

So, the basic summary: The company trademarked “Taco Tuesday” in 1989. The claim is from the Minnesota franchise using “Taco Twosday” as an advertisement for two tacos for 99 cents in beginning in 1982. And now, the trademark applies in every state but New Jersey, where another restaurant already had secured the right to “Taco Tuesday.