We can all admit that 2020 has been the year of challenges for nearly everyone around the world. However, it’s definitely been a time that has taught so many of us so much about what we really can do to move forward. It takes education and change to keep all our lives moving along sometimes.

Though this year has been full of uncertainties due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also made a lot of people realize that there are many things to be grateful for. For example, leaders have become more grateful for their hard working employees, and have grown a newfound respect for those employees who are working double time helping their kids with school while also juggling work.

Things COVID-19 Has Made Us More Grateful For This Year:

  • Being able to stay connected through virtual meetings
  • The chance to spend more time with our families
  • Being able to work remotely
  • Connecting with others virtually
  • Having flexibility in schedules
  • Juggling both work life and home life
  • The power of teamwork
  • Having a healthy culture
  • Chat software (such as Slack) and email
  • Our rockstar colleagues
  • Being able to do the work we love each day

2020 has made us more grateful than ever before. If you wonder what yours is, consider making your own list of all of the things that COVID-19 has made you more grateful for this year. It can help reflect on all the accomplishments that you and your team have had and all that you’ve overcome together thus far.

So in the interests of doing things differently this year, to mark a weird and terrible year, here are some things I’m grateful for. With everything surrounding the pandemic and more, it has been a weird and terrible year, where trying to get ourselves and those we love through the winter as well as we can is the most important. Also thinking hard about people who are bearing the greatest burdens and how to help them, and for waiting hopefully for better times.

Let’s all look forward to the hope and possibility coming in 2021!