Taking a vacation will mean tipping. This is a good thing as you will be acknowledging and rewarding the good service you have received and will receive more good service in kind. Is tipping necessary on a cruise ship? You will meet many members of the crew that will be helping you in many ways from blackjack dealers, waiters, and bartenders.

Bear in mind that the service crew on a cruise ship relies on tips for a large part of their income. Make sure you check your receipts particularly at the alternate dining venues. Quite often they will add a gratuity to the final charge. If the service, you received was exceptional you can tip the staff more.

The tip is automatically added to the receipt to help protect the crew from the overseas travelers that do not adopt the tipping concept. Do you want to show your gratitude for good service?

The following will keep you on track with tipping on a cruise ship:

Right Way to Tip

When you make the booking for your cruise you will have the option to prepay automatic service charges. These are like the incidentals a hotel will charge you for and are charged to your card.

The automatic tips are voluntary and go into a general pot and are then shared among the service crew on completion of the cruise. You will be able to adjust up or down before the cruise ends. The charge will be included as part of your final bill.

You may not want to tip the service crew you do not have any contact with. If you would rather opt-out, you will have the opportunity. That will mean using the old-fashioned method of tipping with cash in their hand. You could also take envelopes with you and then disburse your tips to the crew that way.

When Should You Tip

The final day of a cruise is a suitable time to disburse your tips. Waiting until the final morning when everyone is disembarking is not ideal as everyone will be very busy. You will not be able to locate the crew members you wanted to tip.

Tipping in advance is a good idea as it lets the important service crew members know that you are looking for some extra attention. When you meet, you can tip your assigned stewardess. This will help to ensure that they look out for you. When you have baggage handled or receive room service then tip the crew member immediately.