Have you ever gotten to your destination and realized you overdid it this time? You brought half of your wardrobe that you never wore and had to lug around the airport so much luggage it put a strain on your back? What about when you packed so much, you were forced to check in your bag (s), and it didn’t make it all the way to your destination?

All these scenarios can be a minor burden to your travels but can totally be avoided by doing this one thing… Packing just one bag!

This will mean you can grab your bag and go straight to and from the plane. Before packing makes sure the bag you are planning to take conforms to your airline’s regulations. You can find out your airline’s regulations on their website or simply call a representative.

Below are our tips on the essentials of one bag pack:

Pack Interchangeable Outfits

Being prepared isn’t a bad thing but when you’re traveling you must really consider what you need and more importantly what you DON’T need. Consider the concept less is more because it really is. Most of the time you’ll end up earing the same thing multiple times. Interchanging your outfits will give you more space in your suitcase. Plus, if there is anything you need you can always purchase it wherever your destination is.

Consider Laundry

On vacation, no one wants to think about chores but if you’ll be at your travel destination long enough and would like to commit to one bag- consider laundry. If you’re staying at a hotel- call to see if they offer laundry services. Some places will even do your laundry for you. With the option of laundry, you’ll be able to wear items multiple times and be able to leave a place with clean items!

Invest in Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are awesome. They help you organize your bag and compress items and ensure you’re getting the most out of your luggage’s space. These organizational bags help you save space, time and energy when packing. You’ll be able to find things easier and more importantly prevent overpacking. Not sure if you want to invest in another packing bag- try packing your items vertically and side by side. This tip will help you save space and allow you to see all your packed items at a glance.

Consider your Tablet and Smartphone as storage!

To master your packed one bag, consider downloading travel guides, magazines and any books on your tablet or smartphone. You’ll save space by having any entertainment items in one space. Plus, more smartphones are being created with high-quality cameras that allow you to take phenomenal photos. It’ll hold your entertainment and memory from your vacation all in one place!

Purchase Travel Size Toiletries

This is a no brainer but it’s always nice to be reminded! Travel size toiletries as you know are more than half the size of a regular bottle you would purchase for your day to day hygiene. They will save you a tremendous amount of space and most cases wherever you go, you’ll be able to find more or add to it. If you’re staying at a hotel – request a few more