Bald men, you can look away from this article. For the rest of you who have heads of hair, what exactly are those follicles saying? Can the state of your hair be an indication to your overall health? Consider some of these common hair ailments and what they might mean for the rest of your body.


Dandruff might not look pretty but it’s not contagious and it’s not a health risk. Dandruff is a kind of fungus that is caused when your hair is too dry or too oily. Swapping shampoo is probably the best bet for taking care of dandruff.


Ever hear of telogen effluvium? Try it this way: hair coming out in clumps. This occurs after a sudden shock to the system like after surgery or giving birth. What happens is that your hair growth shuts itself off or goes into the telogen phase. Normally, our hair cycles out just like our skin. It falls out and regrows. But with telogen effluvium, the regrowth portion has been stunted. Normally, it will kick back to work in a few days.


For thinning or balding hair, you can thank mom. The heredity genes that cause hair loss are passed down on your mother’s side. Losing your hair naturally isn’t a health issue but more of a psychological issue. There are many treatments and alternatives for men and women who suffer from pattern baldness.

Split Ends

Thinning hair and split ends could be an indication that your hair and scalp are too dry. This could be thanks to too much exposure to the sun. Add a moisturizing enriched shampoo and start wearing a hat. If your hair has suddenly gone limp and dull, it could be because of the new diet you’re on. Our hair needs nutrients like everything else on our bodies. If you’re robbing the rest of yourself, then get a boost from supplements.


Finally, premature greying of the hair could be due to a B12 deficiency but more often this is another heredity issue. So once again, thank mom and dad. With greying hair, you have an option for coloring that can make it seem like you just have a little grey around the edges or it could be a total colorization. There is also a lot to be said for letting nature take its course!