Interestingly enough, women in their 40s want a relationship to exist in a more sensible fashion than the women in their 20s. The definitions of romance and love appear in a more logical and respectful manner than they did some years earlier. Mostly because life has changed, responsibilities and stress have increased, and it’s time to get down to the bare bones of what a relationship must include. Women are more worried about the reality of a relationship than the initial impression of a man’s actions.

First, romance should not be presented in a cheesy or overwhelming manner. She may actually mean it now when she says, “Just skip the flowers.” She may have said it earlier but still wanted them in the long run. But, if you bring them home, they still have to be trimmed down, put in a vase, watered, taken care of, and then they are left there dead for some time before it is realized that they have to be thrown out. It’s more work in the long run than the initial impression is worth.

So, the actual romantic behaviors respected by women in their 40s fall more in line with your attentiveness and time. It helps to understand her and show this through action of consideration, respect, and support. It’s much more meaningful if you know how to make her dinner in the evening when she gets home from work or how to make her tea in the morning rather than those flowers that she would have to care for and clean up after anyway.

Even more, some factors like a relationship with no games and straightforward honesty is important. It’s important to get right to the fact of knowing what she wants, be self-assured, and prepared for the work of a real relationship. Your own self-awareness is also a true fact in this honest relationship. It’s quite helpful if you already understand who you are and can start off on the same page as her on the road to your relationship together without repeating old, bad relationship habits.

It’s also important to remember that all of this equals up to honesty and equality. If you are mature and open, you can equal up to the woman who you can have standing by your side in your life. And a woman in her 40s appreciates this. Even more so, it’s important that you are not looking to compare her to younger women or looking for some sort of “trophy” to show off to the rest of the world. It’s important to know that appearance isn’t what a relationship is about. At this point in life, inner beauty is the real truth to her and hopefully it is to you as well.

All in all, it comes to the fact that there is no right or wrong age to find your true love. It can come at any time in your life, and all of these points can come into play for a woman in her 40s and beyond and for you. Consider all the realities of life when putting your relationship together and tread carefully on the waters of love.