1. Focus on Fitness – At the Gym or At Home

Fitness, health and wellness are always important. Luckily, many gyms open despite the pandemic, working safely for you and your family. Work, school, and all other events at home likely stress you out, and you can get to fitness classes, exercise. Your work-life balance may not be easy, but this is one option to get out and take a little time back for yourself, burn off some stress, and fight the exhaustion that has overcome us all during these trying times.

2. Plenty of Restaurants are Open

Your local restaurants may feel quite safe with their cleanliness and staff. And this may be a place where your families are the ones that can keep those small businesses running, so if we can all work together carefully, this is a GREAT option on the weekend! You can enjoy that perfect weekend breakfast, brunch or lunch.

3. Visit the local Zoo or Other Outdoor Spots

You likely have plenty of local outdoor, family-fun, seasonal, and holiday-fun places that are still open. The zoo here in my hometown has seasonal and holiday events going to help families get out of the house and keep the kids smiling. Light shows and others for the coming  still require masks and social distancing, but they still offer a feeling of a little normal during this trying time!

4. Dog-Sit for a Friend or Neighbor – OR Adopt A Pet of Your Own!

Maybe not a new location or event for your family during this trying time, but it could lead you to a new adventure of your own. You can remember that ASPCA offices around the country are still open, saving pets in danger from all over. After working to help a neighbor or friend, you can rescue a pet in need, teaching the kids a lot. Maybe they’ve asked for a dog in the past and now, you can make it a fun project for the whole family!

5. Hit The Drive-In OR a Drive-In Concert

The drive-in is a historical relic of the American people, and you may not remember it yourself, but it’s back in play with the pandemic here across our nation. We have the drive-in movie, drive-in concert, and even drive-in restaurants. You have the ability to bring your own treats and save money for those movies and concerts. And you even have the option to make the driving trip your entire afternoon. It’s like a “road trip to nowhere” giving you some time out of the house together and way from the fear of the pandemic.

No matter what, there are dozens of events that you have at your fingertips to work with even during this challenging pandemic. It is simply your own job to make your way through the community safely following the CDC guidelines presented by many leaders. Keep yourself and your family safe along with all of those around you. Good luck and enjoy your weekends together!