Would you be able to identify the symptoms of adult diabetes if they affect you? Up to eight percent of American has been diagnosed with adult diabetes. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that they are going through the onset of diabetes.

Without the correct treatment and diagnosis, diabetes can cause very serious health complications. Nowadays, due to modern medicine, adult diabetes is a very manageable disease.

The following are some of the warning signs to look out for when it comes to adult diabetes:


One of the biggest symptoms of adult diabetes is fatigue. This is different from your general feelings of exhaustion after a very busy day. Diabetes targets your metabolism and slows it down due to the inability to correctly process glucose as the body’s main source of energy.

Once this happens, your body will trigger your fat cells as its source of fuel. While this might appear to be an interesting alternative to dieting, the reality is that it is very debilitating.

Fast Weight Loss

Very fast weight loss could be a sign of adult diabetes. This is very true when someone has not altered their exercise or diet routines. With diabetes, the body is not able to process calories and the weight drops and this is a serious condition.

Extreme Thirst

Along with fast weight loss, a person with adult diabetes may also experience periods of extreme thirst combined with more frequent urination. Diabetes increases your blood sugar levels which in turn force your kidneys to work even harder reabsorbing that sugar into your body’s bloodstream.

This leads to signals being sent to your brain from the kidney to “drink more.” The more you drink the more you will have to push out.

Blurred Vision and Fuzzy Mental Health

Blurred vision and fuzzy mental health can also be a sign of adult diabetes. When someone is short-tempered, struggles to focus, and has problems with their sight, it may be an indication that diabetes is taking hold of the body.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned in this article regularly, visit your doctor for a checkup. Help can be a checkup away.