What do you want to save for? Maybe a trip to Europe or a new car? It wouldn’t hurt to have a “rainy day” fund. Just to have some extra cash in your wallet is a good goal to strive for. The big way to save money is not to spend on impulse buys. That includes charging those purchases on your credit card. If you can save, then you can pay down your debt. Sounds easy. Actually, it is.

You can go deeper and save more by being proactive. Here’s how:

Look for Deals

You should always be on the lookout for deals but those deals have to be connected to the things that you need. Grocery shopping is a prime example. There are a lot of deals to be had by using coupons but do you also pay attention to the store deals? They might have specials offered only on specific days of the week. That’s when you should do your shopping. If your car needs new tires, then look for those deals. The key to using a deal is to stick them. Some businesses like to pull in customers with “great deals” only to try and switch you once you’re in the store. Get the deal you’ve researched. If it isn’t being offered anymore, then walk away. There will always be another deal to be had.

Get Free Haircuts

Your monthly haircut might not be complicated but it could still be costly. There is probably a salon academy in your neck of the woods that is training the next generation of stylists. Those stylists need to put their skills to the test. That is why those academies always offer salon hours and usually, that means a free haircut.

Take Shorter Showers

Have you ever timed your showers? As relaxing as it might be to stand under the soothing warm water is can also be an expensive habit. You should try to get your showering routine down to five minutes. You’ll see the results of your efforts on the next water bill. Check out that usage.

Kick Expensive Habits

If you are a smoker, then you are spending a lot of money to support a habit that you know is bad for you. Don’t you want to be around to spend all the money you’ll be saving? Kick that habit.

Stay Home More

A night out with friends is something we should all treat ourselves to. Of course, that night could end up costing close to $100 if it involves dinner and drinks. If you do that once a month, then you’ll be in good shape. If you do that twice a week, then you’re going to be spending a lot. Instead of going out, why not invite friends over to hang out. Throw a potluck dinner. Instead of going to the movies on a date night, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie that you’re already paying for with your streaming services. Even if you rent a movie to watch for one night, it will be a lot cheaper than a trip to the cinema.

Work Out at Home

Joining a gym to get into shape is a good idea. Not going to the gym that you’re paying for is a bad idea. There are so many tutorials available online that you shouldn’t have any problem getting a good workout at home. Ditch the gym membership and work out at home. You’ll save a lot.

Remember, any time you give something up you should try to set aside the money that you would have spent into savings. If you quit the gym, then keep paying your membership to your savings account. If you stay home, then put that $100 into the savings. It will add up fast.