One of the most troublesome issues for all of us today is the stress that we face on a daily basis. Whether it may be stress faced at work or in the challenges that have been collected all throughout the issues faced from 2020, we can plan on learning how to destress in order to maintain quality health.

I’m sure you have had some dark and heavy days over the past year with the COVID pandemic so sharp here in the United States. With so much to take on here at home, and all of the additional changes to your lives, it has likely left you restless and overwhelmed. Maybe even angry.

However, there is no reason to remain stressed all the time. And, you can continue your life healthily while still making it positively through the coming days as we hope for the national recovery from the pandemic and back to normal.

Breaking the connection to your stress requires both learning to deal with it and managing unhealthy habits. These simple tips can help you do just that:

  • Stay positive and laugh
  • Meditate with inward-focused thought and deep breathing
  • Exercise, providing many benefits
  • Unplug from all the media with a little quiet time for yourself
  • Simple things, like a warm bath, music, read, or a favorite hobby offer a break
  • Express your feelings in a journal, create drawings, or have coffee with a trusted friend and just talk
  • Be in the moment with one of your senses like sight, smell, sound, or taste to redirect your focus away from stressful events

You may not find one specific method of these to help destress. Additionally, you may need to consider accessing different methods at different times. One method may not work for you, so you can simply try another. It may take practice to perfect the practice of cooling down. Patience is key, and you will eventually be able to destress easily.