Do you frequently have the feeling that the day has “got away from you?” That is not uncommon. Even with the help of modern technology, it can still feel like a busy life gets in the way of completing the tasks at hand. There are ways to help you reframe your day and get more tasks done.

The following is what you need to do:

What is Your Priority?

The first thing you will need to do is work out what your priority will be for the day. This is the task that should be top of your list. It may be an errand or a work assignment. Whatever your priority, define it when you first get out of bed. If it will help you, write it down the night before and have that note pad be the first thing you see in the morning.

Become Laser Focused

Once you have decided on your priority for the day ahead, you need to become laser-focused on it. This means eliminating all distractions. The biggest distraction for many people is spending too much time surfing social media platforms. If you are part of any active conversations, then you will want to read and post new comments. There is nothing wrong with that, it should only happen during your downtime. You can become distracted by news and posts, even when you are commuting to work. It would be better to decide on the steps required to complete the priority task for the day.

Eat Healthily

Hopefully, you will have had a good night’s sleep. That will be a big influence on how successful your day will be. But it is not only about sleep. It is also about providing your body with the fuel it requires to get through the day. That means fueling up with a healthy breakfast and lunch. The keyword here is healthy. You should not eat the types of food that can cause problems later. It can also help to take a break occasionally. If you can, go outdoors to get a dose of sun-induced Vitamin D. Just make sure that the break does not take you away from your priority for the day.

Review Your Progress

When the day is over and you have completed the task, take a little while to review your progress and how you got things done. Did anything get in the way? Did you complete the task in time? How can you make improvements for your next priority task?

You may be including some of this reframing into your daily routine already. Any time you can spend just thinking about accomplishing a priority task will help to support your goal.