What do you like the most about staying in a hotel? Having a fresh bed turned down at night or breakfast delivered to your room in the morning? A hotel room can become the place to regroup on a business trip the “home base” for your next vacation. You need to make sure everything will be to your liking, whether you are staying for one night or for several days. It does not need to be your “home away from home” but it can be very close.

The Following are 5 Great Tips to help you get the most from your next hotel stay:

Check for Extras

The basic rate for a hotel room includes taxes and in some locations a holiday fee. However, there are many additional extras that can increase your bill. If your room has a stocked fridge or mini-bar, then avoid using it at all costs. Visit the local convenience store to purchase the snacks and drinks you want. Another charge to avoid is for phone calls or Wi-Fi. If the hotel charges for Wi-Fi, then try connecting your phone to a hot spot. You are already paying for the service!

Take a Proactive Approach to your Security

As soon as we are in our hotel room we often believe that we are safe; especially if we are on a high up floor. For most of the hotel guests that is very true. However, there are many unscrupulous people out there that may try taking advantage of visitors from out of town. Until you reach your room, be aware of your surroundings especially when leaving the elevator. This is when you need to keep alert until you are inside your room.

Once inside, put on that deadbolt. That is the reason it is there. It does not matter what the time of day is, If there’s a knock on your door, you do not feel obligated to open it. Call the front desk to confirm, if someone claims to have business with the hotel.

When you are going out and leaving your room, leave the TV on. Anyone snooping about would be less likely to try a room they think is occupied. If you are traveling in an unfamiliar city, alone then let the front desk know where you are headed. These simple steps can give you peace of mind.

Do Not Take Hotel Souvenirs!

The shampoos and little bars of soaps are provided by the hotel and are yours for the taking. The same cannot be said for the towels and bathrobes. If you take them to keep as souvenirs, then you will be charged for them. You may also get hit with a charge for the room key if you do not return it. That would also be true for access cards.

Keep Your Room Clean

The major hotels, aim to keep the rooms clean. The housekeeping staff has a limited amount of time to spend cleaning each room. They mostly do an excellent job but there’s no harm in a little follow-up. When you first arrive, grab your alcohol wipes and clean all the light switches, handles, and remotes that you may come into contact with. That will give you a completely clean space to relax in.

Carry out a Final Check

Give yourself the time before you check out, to carry out a final check of the room. That includes checking in every drawer, bathroom vanity, and closet shelf. Check all the plug points and underneath the bed. All it takes is leaving behind a phone charger to cause a ruined flight home!