Photo by Kim Daniels on Unsplash

We all miss happy hour. With summer creeping up on us, it’s hard not to miss unwinding with frosted glass (or three) at the end of a, particularly taxing day. Unfortunately, things are different now. With cries for social distancing meeting up at the local dive bar is out of the question at the moment. However, who said that happy hour needs to be canceled altogether? Whether it’s thirsty Thursday or freaky Friday, grab your friends and enjoy a virtual happy hour in as little as three simple steps!

The Perfect Platform

Finding the perfect platform to host your virtual happy hour will be different for different people. While lately, most people tend to lean towards Zoom due to its user-friendly setup and the ability to send invitations easily to anyone if you’re only touting the free version your happy hour will be limited to 40 minutes. Other options to explore include Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Skype, to name a few.

Old Fashioned Recipe Share

Take one down and pass it around, Penny it’s time you actually tell me how to make those fantastic margaritas of yours! No one can have a happy hour without a drink in hand and something to munch on, so why not pretend it’s 1997 and participate in a recipe exchange. Ask everyone coming to the event to share with the group their favorite drink or snack recipe. From complicated mixed drinks to only “pretzels,” you never know what might pop up.

Amazing Activities

Find yourself struggling for words when the camera turns on? Not everyone is adept at making conversation via a camera rather than in person, but even if you aren’t the world’s greatest conversationalist that doesn’t mean you can’t host or have fun at a virtual happy hour. When it comes to virtual activities the sky is still the limit, and a lot of your options can still include your favorite past times. From making the happy hour a virtual book club to playing fan-favorite games like Kings Cup, Beer Pong, or something more innocent like Cards Against Humanity – there is an option out there for everyone.

And that’s all folks, relax and enjoy connecting with other humans for an hour or two. As a bonus, at least there won’t be a tab waiting for you at the end of the night!