For people that need to get around town, ride-sharing is becoming a more and more popular choice and the rides can be booked easily via a mobile app. It has also become a good income source for many drivers with a reliable car. If you are considering driving with Uber or Lyft, then you need to have a proactive approach.

Here’s what you need to do as a ride-sharing driver to make good money:

Work in Urban Areas

There are going to be more fares in a city than outside in the suburbs. That is why you need to remain closer to the more populated urban areas. You also have the choice of working the airport routes, that would mean traveling from the airport to the main hotels in your chosen city. That can keep you very busy and increase income.

Drive for More than One Company

When you are earning good money with one company you can increase your income by working for another company. Riders frequently switch between Uber and Lyft. Drivers can as well! You also have the opportunity to work for DoorDash, Instacart, or Postmates. It’s a good idea to have more than one option for when one rideshare company is having a quiet night.

Take Advantage of Surge and Prime Driving

Uber has Surge Pricing and Lyft has Prime Time. Those are the specific times of day when the rates are increased. These rates do vary depending on the city where you are driving, but it is still something you definitely need to be aware of. Just remember that there will be many more drivers working at those times so the competition for fares will be very intense. It is still worth considering.

Review Your Insurance

As a ride-sharing operator, you will not be driving without insurance but, you may require extra cover. Uber and Lyft do have a choice of insurance cover in effect when you drive for them but you need to be on the lookout for gaps and to make sure all of your policies are up to date.

Check Out the Competition

Anyone that owns a business will confirm the importance of checking out the competition. That does apply to both Uber and Lyft. You need to download the apps of both companies and use them to book a ride. You can find out a lot by observing the drivers and how they interact with their customers. You can use your rides to ask any questions you may have about working for those companies including the areas of town that are the most used for ridesharing and the ideal time for finding fares.

Offer Upsells

Each drive has a fixed rate assigned to it. You can also tip. However, tips are not the only way to increase your potential earnings. A company called Cargo can arrange a vending box for your car that sells all kinds of items that your riders would be interested in.