You might live in an environment that could make you money without even realizing it. A homeowner can generate additional income from any unused rooms in their home. That could help with covering monthly bills and paying off the mortgage. Does this really mean you will take on a new roommate? Essentially, it does but that’s not something bad. As well as the additional money each month, you will have the chance to make new friends. It has other benefits such as increased home security by having another person in the house to look after things.

Not all room rentals have to be for long periods. If you are located in a popular area, then you may find out that your spare room is better utilized as a temporary rental. Letting out a room does not mean you will need to provide linens or food; only the standard utilities would be fine. Once you have made the decision, the next question will be how to get started generating that income? The answer can be found online.

The following websites should be able to help you find someone to rent your spare room:


Airbnb is an online marketplace that travelers who do not want to stay in hotels use to book accommodation. The typical length of stays is from a few days up to a week. Airbnb charges a three percent fee and collects the money before dispersing it. This is a very effective way to find temporary renters. It also means you will get to meet lots of different kinds of people. It can be fun and interesting.


Craigslist is an online classified ads site. Rather than being for only a single location, Craigslist portals are available for all of the major cities across the country as well as all over the world. Craigslist uses a form for communication which hides your email address. The replies to your ad will be forwarded to your chosen email account. The people replying to the ad will not see what that is. After screening the people interested in renting from you, you can get in touch directly with them.

Senior Home shares

Senior Home shares is an online nonprofit service created to match seniors that are mainly seeking a long term relationship with potential renters. They used an extensive algorithm and questionnaire to find suitable matches. You complete the form with what you are seeking in a renter and then are able to vet all of the interested candidates. The screening is to match personalities as well as preferences such as pets or smoking. You will not want to be stuck living with someone that you do not get on well with.


Silvernest utilizes an algorithm that users can use to identify the ideal match-up. It not only helps seniors to locate rooms but also gives younger roommates the opportunity to be included as well. They also provide a service which includes drafting the lease, collecting the rent and acting as a type of mediator in the case of any disputes.