The impact of sheltering-in-place varies for everyone. If you were already working from home, then you’ve got it wired. Of course, that might not take into account having to home school kids or having a roommate that never leaves. For your own peace of mind, you need to find ways to make time for yourself. That actually applies even when things get back to normal. If you’re your home, then you need “me time.” Here’s how to get it:

Use Headphones

That investment you made in noise canceling headphones for your last plane trip will certainly be benefit now. Headphones are the perfect way to create a little world in your own head. You can find a corner of the home, maybe looking out a window, where you can play an audiobook or catch up on all those podcasts you’ve been wanting to listen to.

Schedule a Time Out with Your Partner

Parents who are sheltering at home with kids are experiencing parenthood around the clock. Technically, you’re always “on the clock” as a parent but you probably never realized how vital it was for kids to go to school or for you to go to work.  The best approach for parents is to schedule a time out. You can take charge of the kids for two hours of engagement in the living room while your partner gets alone time in your bedroom. Then trade off. It’s really not enough to wait until the kids go to sleep. Time for yourself is just that… for yourself.

Define Your Territory

When everyone shares the same space, things tend to get “cluttered.” That is why it is helpful for you to define your territory. You might have a workbench out in the garage or a desk in a spare room for a home office. Wherever your little corner is, let everyone know in the family that this is your zone. Don’t worry. They get to have their own zones, too.

Take Solitary Walks

We need to stay active when sheltering-in-place. The best course of action is to take walks. You can take walks with family and you should but you should also consider taking a few solitary walks. You might be tempted to listen to music or more podcasts on our walk. You should also try no distractions. Just listen to what’s going on around you. It can help clear your head.