How To Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums

Just because you need to have car insurance does not mean the cost has to be over the top. There are always smart ways to reduce your costs.  Not sure how? Don’t worry we have created a few tips to help you save on your premiums.

Follow the below tips to help lower your premiums:

Do Your Research

With the power of the internet it has been made easy to compare insurance quotes online. In fact, paying a little extra to save in the long run to help you find a decent quote is worth it. You may have a great relationship with your current provider but if they’re not able to match or beat the quote you found to remain a loyal customer than consider changing.

Do Not Pay For Insurance You Do Not Need

Lower premiums are amazing, especially if you have an older car! You can stage the value of your vehicle than the cost to have repairs if you’re in an accident. It may be hard to admit that your car is worth more as scrap than it would cost to repair it but if you’re going to save money- why not!   

Contact Your Insurance Agent

It is unlikely that your agent will contact you and ask if you want to save money. This does not mean that they will not give you a discount. They only really do that to retain customers. Get in touch with your agent and inquire what discounts they have available to you. If discounts are not available, then you may want to consider finding another provider.

Increase Your Deductible

The higher your deductible is, the lower your insurance premiums will be. This small change can make a huge difference each month. If you have a clean driving history even better! Another tip is placing your deductible aside in a savings account for when these funds are needed.

When Purchasing A New Vehicle Investigate What The Cost Of Insurance Will Be

A vehicle which has a better safety record might incur lower insurance premiums. If you choose a sporty model, then you will incur higher premiums. If you are considering a new vehicle, then talk with your insurance provider about the cost for different models.

most importantly…

Drive Safely

Don’t speed, wear a seatbelt and use your blinkers. Driving cautiously is always a benefit not just for your safety but for lowering your car insurance and keeping them low.  Also, if you have a great driving record, when you do get a ticket, it maybe easier to have it dismissed and reduce any points with the help of your insurance.