When was the last time you got “lost” in a daydream? On some level, that is a kind of meditation. If the whole world fell away and you were just focused on your dream, then you were meditating. That is a good thing to remember as you bring your official daily meditation practice. Here’s the routine you want to get into:

Make Yourself Comfortable

Meditation is about clearing the mind. You can’t do that if you’re uncomfortable. You might try different poses until you land on the one that make you the most comfortable. If you sit on the floor, then try sitting on a folded blanket or firm pillow. Your hips should be higher than your knees. If you need back support, then you can sit against a wall. If a chair works best, then make sure you keep your legs uncrossed and your fit on the floor.

Lock Down a Time and Place

You need to created a meditation zone both for a time and a place. When you are consistent with the time, you will be training your mind to accept that it is time for mediation. This is the same thing you should be doing with your sleep schedule. You might find that meditating in the morning is the best time. Just be sure to avoid checking your email or social media timelines. You don’t want those distractions. As for your space, any place quiet can do. It will help if you can create an area where you can have a focal point such as a candle or soothing photo.

Sit Up Straight

Your mother was right: You should always sit up straight. This helps the energy flow. Imagine how you would sit if you were on a throne. Sitting up straight also helps with your breathing.

Start Slow

As you being to meditate, you’re not going to unlock the secrets of the universe in your first week. Take it slow. Allow ten minutes a day at the beginning. Each week, add another minute. Before you know it, you’ll be up to 30 minutes. The key is to make sure you give yourself enough time especially in the morning. It might mean setting your alarm earlier. You don’t want to lose the calmness from a meditation session by rushing to work.

Keep Practicing

You might find that some days you lean into the process and find relaxation. Other days will have your mind racing and you can’t seem to focus. It’s okay to experience both extremes. The more you practice, the more you’ll find a way to shut out the world.

Just Breathe

Those early mediation sessions will be all about your breathing. If all you do is spend the time focusing on your breathe, then you’re doing things right. It is just 10 minutes (to start!).