This entire year has been hectic at best. We are all questioning what will be easily done this holiday season, especially with the danger of the rising pandemic across our nation. Without the ability to likely have the traditional celebrations with family and friends, we still have to keep up with our homes and work while we continue through this period. No matter what, the holidays are typically shown to be a time of year with lower overall productivity. So, it will take some effort to make sure that you remain productive during the holiday season, especially during the pandemic holiday season.

So, you should take some time to consider key tips that can help with a more productive time as we enter the holidays. While this is a season for rest and relaxation, it should not be hard to remain productive. Here 10 easy tips to help you stay productive throughout the holidays, whether it is work or personal time:

  1. Don’t overbook yourself.
  2. Focus on one thing at a time.
  3. Remember what is the most important priority.
  4. Take a personal day.
  5. Maintain your traditional routine.
  6. Allow yourself some time to worry.
  7. Cut down on your indecisive activities; basically, be more decisive.
  8. Remove distractions.
  9. Outsource what you can.
  10. Be present in whatever you are doing currently (whether it is work, family time, shopping, etc.).

While these tips apply to all parts of life, it is still important to make sure that you are even more productive in the time you are at work since it is often cut back with fewer days available. You can help keep your work up to pace by limiting your to-do list, scheduling fewer meetings, separating your shopping time from work time, and knocking out one-day projects when you can. These options, among others, can help keep the holiday season still very productive in the office, even though it may feel like there is a ton of responsibility on your shoulders from all different corners of life.