Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

As you might imagine, TV viewing is skyrocketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is really no limit to the number of television shows (old and new) and movies that you can stream through your TV.

Many streaming outlets are also making programming free for several weeks. But after a few binge sessions, you might be eager to take a break from the TV and are looking for other things to do. Just as there are unlimited TV shows to watch, there are also unlimited classes and tutorials available online.

Consider taking some of these classes while you’re stuck at home:

Learn to Play an Instrument

You might not be able to order a piano online but you can certainly order a keyboard and for a relatively lost cost. Once you have it set up, you can learn to play the piano. It might also help to order stickers for the keys so you know what notes that you’re playing. You’ll also find lessons for the guitar, ukulele, violin, and flute. As with the streaming channels, a lot of these lessons are being offered for free by instrument makers.

Learn to Draw

How are your doodling skills? You might be able to take those to a whole other level with some online art classes. Of course, the “master” Bob Ross has plenty of videos online to show you how to use oil paints. But there are also classes for drawing comic books, still life and landscapes. Time to sharpen those pencils.

Learn to Bake and Cook

There are already endless cooking shows on TV that show you how to whip up some amazing dishes and desserts. You can bring the iPad into the kitchen and find those same cooking tutorials to help provide you with step by step instructions for all kinds of tasty treats. Try to set outside of your cooking comfort zone by trying something new. You can learn to make pasta or bake a pie from scratch. You can also find out how to cut up a whole chicken or ways to improve your Insta Pot game!

Learn to Make Repairs

There might be a few items on your home repair list that need tending to. You’ll find the instructions to make any of those repairs on line. That includes everything from caulking the bathtub to changing the oil in your car. What you should probably stay away from is anything major involving your electrical wiring or plumbing. Those are the fixes that should be left to the pros.

Learn a Language

Staying at home is a perfect time to learn a language, too. Why not dream big and think ahead to your next vacation?

If you’re traveling somewhere that speaks a foreign language, then you can get yourself ready by learning that language. You could even take up American Sign Language!