Okay, we are all guilty of those splurges at the drive through and other junk food. But, are you guilty of giving into the temptation too often? Maybe you order pizza or some other easy delivery dinner just a little too often. It could even be those days you just can’t live without some candy or ice cream.

So, how will you be able to change your diet? You don’t have to completely turn the tables 180 degrees from one menu to another. Don’t deny your tastebuds of some of those favorite flavors, but change to some healthier alternatives.

One option for candy may be to swap out some dried fruit or nuts to fulfill that sweet tooth. Also, if you often crave chocolate, think about a little dark chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate instead.

Do you love that combo of burger and fries from your favorite fast food restaurant? Well, try cooking at home instead. You can make your own sandwiches, using much healthier meats like chicken, fish, or mince meat, and cooking them in a much healthier manner. Also, sweet potato fries or baked fries are lower in calories and grease.

And of course, there is the weekly pizza night (or nights) that we all have together with the family at home! Well, this is another option where you can cook for yourself and make it much healthier for everyone while still tasting great. You can find a low-carb or cauliflower crust and sauce, along with the low-fat cheese and some naturally healthier toppings like chicken and fresh veggies.

These are only a few alternatives that can easily make your diet healthier. It may take a little more work when cooking and cleaning up, but it will be helpful in the long run.