There is an RV resurgence happening across the country. Many folks are investing in RVs as a vacation alternative to flying. Before you take the plunge, you might want to rent an RV for your first road trip to see how it feels. Just be sure everyone is on board. It might seem like fun to roll up in an RV and tell the family to, “Pack up!” However, you’ll be better off if you get everyone on board with the idea. Here’s what else you should do:

Plan the Trip

An RV lets you bring your home with you but that doesn’t mean you can simply pull over anywhere and spend the night. There are thousands of RV parks scattered across the country. There will no doubt be one where you will be headed. Just be sure to make a reservation. You’ll find that many parks aren’t just a parking place. They also have amenities like swimming pools, hiking trails and shuttles to nearby tourist attractions. This is also something you’ll want to get the family on board with. If everyone votes for the destination, then it will be a much happier experience.

Select the Right Size

An RV will have sleeping accommodations but they are often “hidden.” Things need to get unfolded to make a bed. It’s all fun but you want to make sure everyone that you’re bringing along will have a comfortable sleeping space. Take the family to try out the rigs to see which one is the perfect fit. Remember, the bigger the rig, the more space. But that bigger rig is also more challenging to drive.

Budget Accordingly

You’ll be paying a rental fee to be sure but you’ll also need additional insurance. Some rental companies also have an a la carte approach to amenities. That means you might be charged for things like kitchenware, generators and propane. Of course, you can also bring all of those with you, so compare the prices.


You might not want to rent an RV on Thursday and leave Friday morning for your trip. That won’t allow you any practice time. You should add a day at the beginning of your rental that will let you devote a few hours to practice driving and parking. The more confident you feel behind the wheel, the better off you’ll be on the road.