With so many transportation methods available today, it’s hard to imagine the great experience of a train ride on your next vacation. But, it’s luckily one of the greatest views of our country you could ever experience. So many train rides are offered across the U.S. You can see our entire nation coast-to-coast at eye level, and much more.

Some train rides you should experience in your life include the following:

Northern Rail Experience – Venture from the Midwest to the Pacific Coast on this scenic rail journey from Chicago to San Francisco, with a stop in Seattle. Enjoy the landscape as you travel along major portions of the Lewis and Clark trail. Discover the sights of San Francisco, Northern California, and then you’ll head back to the “Windy City.”

Grand Rail Experience – Starting off in Chicago, the Grand Rail Experience is the full cross-country train experience! Train routes across the top of the country are taken, then down the Pacific Coast to the southern route, and up through Washington, D.C. you will see Seattle, Los Angeles, and New Orleans as well.

Washington, New York, and Niagara Falls – Journey from America’s capital to Niagara Falls. Experience Washington, D.C., and our nation’s history. Then head up to New York City with a great amount of entertainment. From there it is up and across the border to the majestic, beautiful Niagara Falls.

Grand National Parks – Take in the exquisite natural beauty of three of America’s most beloved national parks: the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Glacier National Park! Explore all these amazing landscapes as well as the beautiful scenic journey by train along the way. Grand National Parks is an unforgettable adventure to the best of the American outdoors.

The All American – This 15-day rail journey that visits some of America’s most sought-after destinations; New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Denver! Experience iconic American landmarks and sights like the Empire State Building, the French Quarter, and the Golden Gate Bridge. A full “All American” rail journey awaits on this trip!

Train companies love to send you along a journey that is faster than driving while also offering a greater visual experience. It also beats out those plane rides while being able to see so much more than you can from above the clouds. The view of your trip is part of the experience, so your vacation actually starts the moment you leave!