Every Valentine’s Day, restaurants are booked to capacity as couples go out to enjoy a great and, hopefully, romantic meal together. There is nothing wrong with that provided the restaurant isn’t so crowded that you get ignored. Plus, you have to depend on the food is exceptional. Anything short of that and the night can be ruined. Perhaps this Valentine’s Day you might want to think outside of the “date box.” Here are some Valentine Day date ideas that you can share with someone special:

Make It a Game Night For Two

There is a lot to be said for playing a game with your significant other. You could go full-on old school and play a game from your youth. That can invoke some great memories. There are also some adult-themed games that you can acquire for the night. Throw in a nice bottle of wine and a charcuterie board and you’ve got a great night in without the crowds.

Make Playlists for Each Other

There are literally thousands of songs that are available to download that are just a click away. Nowadays, listening to music has become a solitary activity, unless you count the time that you are in the car together. This Valentine’s Day, you can spend the night making playlists for each other. No doubt you both have great songs on your personal playlists that you would love to share. This is your chance. And as with game night, put the wine and charcuterie board into action!

Play Hooky From Work

Valentine’s Day dates are really at night but it doesn’t have to be that way. You could both take a personal day and devote it to some great activities that you have had a chance to do as a couple. Maybe there is a terrific lunch spot you’ve been hearing about but it is too busy on the weekend. There is probably a museum or two that you haven’t visited yet. Of course, there is also a lot to be said for sleeping in and making waffles for breakfast in bed.

Volunteer Together

If you’re both passionate about causes, then why not spend Valentine’s Day volunteering together. You could find out if your local library has a reading program for kids. You can help out at a food bank. You could even spend time at an animal shelter. The only concern with that is you will most likely end up bringing home a new companion. Nothing wrong with that!

Take a Class Together

There is probably no end to classes that you could take as a couple. Dancing Lessons is the obvious choice but you can probably find an art class, cooking class, or even a mixology class that you can share. Those classes can lead to future fun!