Are you stuck inside this New Year’s Eve? No party with friends and family (at least not in person)? Then, it might be time to try out some tasty cocktails and relax for the upcoming new year!

It’s hard to celebrate the year we’ve had, and it’s definitely tough to determine the positives after everything that 2020 has challenged us with. However, you may be planning a virtual New Year’s party with those close to you, or just snuggling up with that beloved one closed to you! So, think about some delicious and creative cocktail recipes that could spark a new eye to the corner we are turning into 2021!

There are some beautiful and tasty drinks that can make the evening entertaining… even more than just watching the ball drop on TV! Take a look for some of these recipes:

  1. Blue Skies
  2. Jack’s Grand Ball Drink
  3. Berry Fusion Martini
  4. Strawberry Sombrero Cocktail
  5. New Year’s Sparkler
  6. Champagne Holiday Punch
  7. Confetti Champagne
  8. Champagne Margaritas
  9. Giggle Juice
  10. Drunk Jack Frosties

Okay, it’s easily admitted that there is a lot of champagne to be found in the common list of drinks for New Year’s Eve celebrations. We all usually just drink champagne at many of those parties, right? Well, now you can get creative with it! There are many more than just these few. At least, if you like champagne, that is.

With so many flavors, colors, and perfect appearances, there are limitless cocktails that are perfect for New Year’s. The best thing to do is consider all your own favorites and search through the hundreds of different cocktail recipes available out there. And don’t forget the alcohol-free mocktails for the kiddos and non-drinkers in your home! There are all kinds of tasty drinks to meet everyone’s preferences!