The hope before every vacation is that it will be a perfect vacation. What actually defines that perfection will differ from one traveler to the next. Some prefer spending a vacation on a cruise ship. Others will prefer spending the week on the beach. If you are taking a vacation this year that involves traveling overseas, then you need to be careful of travel scams.

There are people dedicated to fleecing tourists from American and they have some clever ways to it:

Exchanging Currency

The first thing you will require in a foreign country is the local currency. Due to this, you may be approached straight off the plane by taxi drivers, vendors and other people who are ready to carry out the exchange for you at an excellent rate. But, what you may end up with is counterfeit money. They could also play on the confusion of the exchange rate and overcharge you. The recommended approach would be to exchange your money before you board the plane or in the airport where you land. Only exchange your currency at official trusted locations.

Young Vendors

At some ports of call, you could find yourself surrounded by children trying to sell you a local gift or provide a service. It is heartbreaking to see these children scrambling about to earn a buck. Unfortunately, many of them are being used by an adult to prey on your sympathy. Any money they receive is unlikely to remain with them. If you say no to one of them, then all of them will get the message and move on. If you feel the need to help, then locate a reputable local children’s charity and donate to them.

Theft by Distraction

There’s a good possibility that skilled pickpockets will be operating wherever you are going to be traveling to. Typically, they operate in groups and one side distracts you while the other one does the lifting. When you are out and about, do not carry any valuables such as expensive jewelry or watches. If you take a wallet out with you, carry it in one of your front pockets. Make sure your purse is slash-proof and always kept zippered.

Taxi Scams

Taking any form of transportation including taxis should not be an ordeal. You may not know how to get around the city, but the GPS on your Smartphone will. To make sure the driver is not going off route, download the map prior to getting into the cab. If the cab driver says that the meter is not working, then you should get out and find another cab. They would not be using a broken meter unless they were trying to scam you.

Street Cards, Dice or Cups

Casinos and street games both follow the same rule: “The house always wins.” Whatever the game is it will be rigged. If you watched the game you would see that the same person always wins and that person is normally in partnership with the gamer.
You can still enjoy your perfect vacation. Just be careful of who you trust and keep your eyes open. Do not let these possible scams put you off traveling overseas.