In the age of the Coronavirus, America is now turning much more toward a gig economy. With so many employees forced to work from their homes or even furlough their employment until the virus subsides, it is hard to see the opportunities that remain for Americans looking to keep a steady income.

So, with Uber having been a common second job for many people in the days before the pandemic, what is going to happen to Uber with California and other areas of the country reverting to lockdown?

Who will those drivers have to transport from place to place if everyone is staying at home? If there is nowhere to go?

If there is no work for those drivers, no income for the company, will the entire business fall to the wayside? The entire industry of ordered drivers?

Well, there are some situations throughout the state of California where the drivers among Uber and Lyft must be considered employees rather than independent contractors. A California judge completed this order earlier in August. This is now a benefit for all of these drivers, providing them with a much more steady relief when it comes to things like benefits, including paid leave and insurance.

Why is this so important? Well, you likely appreciate the insurance that you receive from your employer, even if it is the Cobra that comes during those times when your employment is furloughed during these tough times. However, it also means that it will be much easier to be approved for unemployment during these days where those state and national unemployment benefits are so important.

So, if you have been working for Uber in states like California where the business will be minimal, don’t worry! Give it a little time, and those companies will be required to take care of you as well as the other “employees” inside the biz!